October 20, 2020

A Beautiful September Wedding in Newark, Ohio

When you photograph weddings one of the biggest questions in the backs of our minds leading up to the event is, “what is the family like?” Are they tight knit? Are they more serious? Are they not serious at all? What will the dynamic of the day be like? We quickly learned that the these 2 families are some of the sweetest we have ever encountered! If ‘Photography Royalty’ were a title, then that was the crown we wore that day! Each parent worked alongside each other like a well oiled machine. The way they treated those around them was a huge testament to their character, and something we know was passed down to both Keely and Joey.

Joey and Keely both share a very calm demeanor, and as the day progressed they both smiled and shared sweet glances at one another that could light up a room. We are so thankful to have been part of their day and hope you enjoy their images! 

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